How to Stay Safe around Fireworks this Independence Day

On July Fourth, families across the nation gather to celebrate Independence Day. While this holiday features many fun activities, it can quickly become dangerous if fireworks are involved. Here’s how to keep you, your family and your pets safe from the dangers of fireworks this Independence Day.

Keep Your Family and Yourself Safe

The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public show put on by professionals. If you decide to light fireworks at home, make sure to check the firework regulations in your state. Each state has different laws regarding the purchase and the use of fireworks.
When lighting fireworks, always follow the instructions on the package. Skipping a step or ignoring safety precautions can result in an injury to yourself or to others. Above all, never throw or point fireworks toward other people, animals or flammable materials.

Remember to always keep a supply of water on hand and nearby when using fireworks. A pail of water to douse a flame can be the difference between remaining safe and becoming injured. Furthermore, adults should educate children on the dangers of fireworks.

Keep Pets Safe and Stress-free

The loud bangs and bright lights of Independence Day fireworks can cause severe stress for your pets. Thankfully, there are several ways to keep them safe and stress-free.

First, make sure that your cat or dog exercises earlier in the day. Tiring your pet out before the fireworks start can help them avoid becoming stressed and wound-up. Additionally, make sure that your pet stays inside with air conditioning and human companionship during the fireworks. Provide a small space for your cat or dog to retreat to, such as a kennel. Remember to keep windows, curtains and blinds closed. In general, the further you can remove your pet from the bangs and flashes, the more calm they will likely be.

Bonus: Watch these tips from Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) on how to keep your dog calm during fireworks.

Keep these safety tips in mind this Independence Day to ensure that everyone remains safe!