hurricane season

Hurricane Season 2018 is here

The official Atlantic Hurricane Season 2018 is from June to November and this year we should be better prepared for what’s coming.

At Skylake Insurance we want to help our customers, not only by finding the right insurance policies for them but by providing useful information to stay safe and protected during this tough season of the year. So welcome to this blog series of Hurricane Preparedness 2018.

According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), hurricane season 2018 will bring 10 to 16 named storms, including 5 to 9 hurricanes of which 1 to 4 could be major hurricanes, meaning category 3 or higher.

So, what do I need to do for Hurricane Season 2018?

Two very important tips.


When it comes to avoiding risks and keeping you and your family safe, the most important thing is preparedness. Check if your house is ready for the upcoming storms. Flood is usually a common concern during this time, so make sure your belongings are safe.

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Hopefully, you learned from last year’s season that it is a bad idea to wait until the last minute to get ready. You can prevent finding empty shelves and waiting for long lines at every store by making a list of things that you will definitely need (and can buy with some anticipation) in case of emergency or evacuation (batteries, flashlights, water containers, canned food, etc.). Then go to the store and buy the items listed.

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Being informed of the main weather updates during this time of the year will make a big difference.

Here are some links and apps that would help you get the right information:

Every city or county usually issues a Hurricane Preparedness Guide with valuable content for its residents. Check your city and/or county web page if you haven’t gotten the guide in the mail yet.

You can also download the 2018 Miami Dade Hurricane Readiness Guide.

Don’t get caught off guard, this is the right time to prevent it. Don’t forget to check with your insurance agent to see if your current policy protects you the right way.

Remember. Preparedness is the key and planning ahead would make a big difference.