Why Life Insurance Is a Must-have

Life insurance is one of the most important kinds of insurance to have. However, some people may not think it’s necessary on top of all the other kinds of insurance they have. This post can help you understand more about life insurance and help you find a policy that is right for you.

The biggest aspect of life insurance is the fact that it provides for your dependents in case you pass away. It gives financial help and other aid to those that you love to relieve them of some of the stress and hardship that comes with a loss. It can provide income replacement. Oftentimes, couples or married partners combine their incomes. In the event of a death, life insurance can provide income replacement for the lost income. It can offer protection for your mortgage as well. Term life insurance can be used to pay off an outstanding mortgage balance and can be set to follow on the same length and payment period of the mortgage.

Another benefit is to help pay for the expenses that arise after a death. There are funeral costs, burial costs, and sometimes medical bills. Those can pile up and be an unwanted burden. Life insurance can provide for you or your loved ones after you’re gone.

In addition, it can provide funding for college. Your life insurance can go into a fund or be invested and grow over time to provide for your children or other loved ones to pay for college.


Life insurance has options, too. You may not want a permanent policy that covers you forever. In that case, you can purchase a term life policy. It would only cover you for a set number of years, typically ranging from 10 to 30 years. This can be a very helpful option if you are only looking for certain benefits, such as having coverage until your children graduate college. There are many variations of life insurance, so be sure to consider your choices.