Tips For Keeping Seniors Safe In The Summer

Spending a lot of time outside when the weather is hot can be risky for anyone regardless of their age. However, excessive sun exposure can be even more risky for seniors who suffer from a chronic health condition. There are many steps that seniors can take to stay safe when it is hot. Below is a list of summer safety tips for seniors:

  • Drink lots of liquids: One of the keys to avoiding dehydration and beating the summer heat is to drink plenty of liquids. Try to drink eight or more cups of water per day. You can also consume fruit juices. Limit your consumption of tea, alcohol and soda because those beverages can cause you to dehydrate more quickly.
  • Wear sun block: You will need to put on sun block before going outside. Sun block will help protect your skin from sun damage. Make sure that you put on sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or greater. Here you have some good options: You can also protect yourself from the heat by wearing sunglasses and a hat.
  • Try to stay indoors when the weather is extremely hot: When it is very hot and humid outside, you should try to stay indoors as much as possible. The heat and humidity will make it a lot harder for you to maintain a normal body temperature. If you do not drive and have to leave the house, then you may want to call a friend, transportation service or taxi. Waiting outside for a bus when it is extremely hot can be dangerous.
  • Maintain a cool home: The temperature in your home should not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If your home does not have an air conditioner, then you should consider going somewhere with an air conditioner. You can go to a friend’s house, movie theater or a mall. Additionally, you can keep yourself cool by taking a cold shower.