Poison Prevention Tips for Your Home

An array of household items can be extremely dangerous if they are misused or abused. Parents need to take proactive steps to ensure that their children do not get accidentally poisoned. There are several danger zones throughout a house that should be secured by responsive parents. The laundry room is a place where kids are not expected to spend any time. However, some curious children may get their hands on detergent and bleach. These liquids can be fatal if swallowed in relatively small amounts. There is also a major hazard with laundry detergent pods that come in different colors. Kids may mistake these little things for edible candy. For maximum precaution, parents should store all laundry detergent and other cleaning products in cabinets that may be secured with a combination lock.

poisonTeenagers are at high risk of overdosing on prescription medication that is actually taken by someone else in their household. Pill bottles should be well hidden somewhere in a drawer or a walk-in closet. Potent drugs such as anti-depressants and pain killers should never be within sight of teens who may be struggling with common issues like peer pressure and stress from academic assignments.

Over-the-counter products should also be hidden from young children. For example, kids may take too much cough syrup or other medicine that is used to treat the common cold. Parents should administer all medication to their children in order to prevent adverse side effects from overdoses.


The car garage and basement are also major danger zones when it comes to poisonous products. Adhesives and cleaning agents are loaded with toxic chemicals. Antifreeze and windshield washing fluids are extremely harmful when consumed in small volumes. Kids should never have easy access to any products that are utilized for cleaning the car, home, backyard and other areas of a property.