Dog Bite Prevention & Insurance Coverage

Dog owners have some responsibility when it comes to preventing dog bites. There are even laws in place that can hold dog owners responsible if a pet does bite someone under certain circumstances. You need to know a few things about dog bite prevention and insurance coverage.

  • Keep your dog confined or leashed when outside the home: You must keep your dog confined or leashed when outside the home. Your dog can act unpredictably at any moment even with the best training and even if you believe the pet will not. If your dog is outside the home, make sure there is a tall fence in good condition around the area. If you are walking your dog, then use a leash every time even if you are going only to the corner and back.
  • Do some positive conditioning: You want to do some positive conditioning so that your dog is used to other people. You want to socialize your dog with other dogs and other people. Do this slowly. Use something like a loud clicker to perform the conditioning in a positive way. Conditioning takes time but will make your dog far less likely to bite someone.
  • Try not to take your dog to areas that could be upsetting: Do not put your dog in a situation that could be upsetting, confusing or stressful. This includes crowded places, areas with children who could cause problems and locations where there are loud noises or even fireworks. Keep your pet in areas that are calm, soothing or specifically designated for dogs.
  • Understanding liability coverage for dog bites: You can get liability coverage for dog bites. This is often available through your homeowner’s insurance or as an independent policy. You want to have this coverage because it will help to pay for legal fees and damages that result from an incident where your dog bites another person. Liability coverage for dog bites will protect you financially if your pet misbehaves and injures someone.