The most common risk during storms and Hurricane Season is flooding. In Florida, it is very important to be prepared for flooding, particularly if you live near the water (ocean, river, lake, etc.). With this post, we want to share some useful information on how to protect yourself and your property in case of flood danger.

The Risk

The physical destruction caused by a flood depends on the speed and level of the water, duration, soil conditions and built environment. It can cause fatalities or serious injuries for people trapped or swept away.

Services such as water, gas, and power may be disrupted. Transportation routes and commercial supplies may also be temporarily unavailable.

Only a few inches of floodwater in a home can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

If you live in the Miami-Dade County use the map below to know if your home is at a storm surge risk area.

Storm Surge Flood map


First and foremost, during any disaster, you have to protect your life and your family’s. Avoid being trapped by evacuating before the flooding starts and follow directions from local officials.

Protect your House

To protect your house and reduce the risk of structural damage, elevate critical utilities such as electrical panels, wiring, sockets appliances. Waterproofing the basement could also help prevent structural damage, also make sure your sump pump is working. Move furniture, valuables, and important documents to a safe place.

Risk Management

Purchasing flood insurance will provide financial protection for the cost of repairs. A standard home insurance policy does not cover your house in case of flooding. Protect your property, belongings and your pocket by getting a flood insurance. Renters and business owners could also get flood protection. Consider reviewing your auto policy as well, cars could also get damaged during a flooding.

Some insurance providers stop writing coverage 3 or 5 days before the storm hits, so do this in advance if you want to save money. Ask your insurance agent to check if you are being properly covered.

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Flooding in your area is possible, be prepared to act upon short notice. Stay informed monitoring the watches and warnings released by the weather and prevention authorities.

Visit the National Weather Service for flood and other severe weather updates.

Stay Safe!