Good drivers get lower rates

Chances are that if you have ever shopped around for a better deal on your Auto Insurance policy, you have heard about the Progressive Snapshot. This program determines your rate based on your actual driving, the better you drive, the more you can save.


Snapshot collects data from your driving habits in two different ways, using the mobile app or a plug-in device in your car, you choose which one to use. They basically track and evaluate habits that could increase risks while driving, like sudden changes in speed, amount of time you drive, trip regularity, distracting driving, and times and days you drive.

Most drivers earn big discounts. However, if the data collected indicates a high risk of being in an accident based on these factors, you may end up with a higher rate at renewal.

But we got good news for you…


YES! Progressive recently launched Snapshot Road Test, letting drivers try the program for 30 days before signing up without affecting your current policy rates and even if you are not a Progressive customer.

Text ROADTEST to 99354 to get a download link on your phone. Register and start driving. You will receive the results and after the test period, you decide whether it is a good idea to switch to Progressive or not.

It is that simple. Snapshot is your chance to turn good driving into BIG SAVINGS.

8 out of 10 people save money using Snapshot.

You can visit the official site to answer any extra questions you may have about the program or contact one of our expert agents to help you sign up or find other great deals and discount opportunities for you.